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Future City

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Starting Simple

This was a project to make some simple building pieces for a distant city in fog that was being used for a VR environment. Wanting a futuristic look I added some edge highlights to some of the buildings to make them pop out of the fog.

Painting in Substance.

City Layout

Using a python script I generated a grid picking randomly from my base blocks. I adjusted the sizing of some of the buildings to vary the landscape and give it a kind of city center.

Took this base section and duplicated it out a few times.

The project went a different direction so the assets were no longer needed. Not wanting them to go to waste I decided to do some renders using Redshift.

After a few renders the look wasn't quite going the direction I wanted. Still cool but got stuck in the dark look and it just felt like it needed work.

First thing to do was add more atmosphere, which I used good old Mental Ray for. Threw in some visor presets and tuned from there.

Maya viewport screenshot.

Maya viewport screenshot

I added some larger buildings to break things up and fiddled with it quite a bit in comp. Pretty happy with how it turned out.


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