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Stranded Explorer

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

This was a personal project to let loose a little and just have some fun. My day job involves working on forensic and medical animations and while it's usually fun and engaging sometimes you just got to make some space explorers.

Created in Maya using Substance for texturing and Redshift3d for rendering.

Starting Simple

I wasn't sure what or where this little character was going to end up so I made a simple rig to make posing easier.


I animated the rocks to give the scene some motion blur and soften things up. Made a bunch of rocks then put them in a spinning group.

Space rocks and debris

Using a custom script that builds out scattering (utilizing SoUP nodes) networks I

made a few layouts on the little planet. Also used for the smaller "dust" particles.


Using Redshift to render the scene I was able to use in camera depth of field and displacement on everything to quickly get the look I was after.

Having to crank the samples upwards of 2048 to resolving the very shallow depth of field I was using render times did jump a bit. Final image samples were at 32/4096 with a threshold of 0.001. Final image rendered at 4096 x 2304.

Finishing up the image

Using After Effects for compositing there wasn't much to do. Adjusted the levels and added some effects over the little stars to try and add some more atmosphere.

Final comped image


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